Tesco launches brand new range of chilled ‘free-from’ ready meals

Tesco is expanding its award winning Free From range with the launch of 10 brand new chilled meals, to bring forbidden foods back to the dining table for those with special dietary requirements. Made with quality ingredients, the flavour-packed meals are suitable for those with gluten, wheat, milk and egg intolerances.

Providing a tasty take on the nation’s favourites, the range includes a selection of some of Britain’s most loved dishes from casseroles and hotpots, through to paella and curries. Whether you’re looking to tuck into a British classic, or something delightfully exotic from the Far East, the new range of chilled meals are the perfect choice for customers who are looking for delicious Free From meal time solutions.

‘Free From’ Beef Casserole and Dumplings, 430g, £3.00

Free From Gluten, Wheat, Milk & Egg

The ultimate choice for a cold night, melt-in-the-mouth beef and vegetables are topped with a luscious red wine gravy.

Perfectly paired with fluffy dumplings to help you forget all about those winter chills.

‘Free From’ Chicken Hotpot with Sage and Onion Stuffing, 440g, £3.00

Free From Gluten, Wheat, Milk & Egg

Hearty and warming, this classic dish consists of succulent chicken breast, sliced potatoes and a gorgeous sage and onion stuffing, all covered in lashings of Madeira gravy. A dish that will leave you feeling perfectly satisfied.

‘Free From’ Chicken, Bacon and Mushroom Pasta with White Wine Sauce, 420g, £3.00

Free From Gluten, Wheat, Milk & Egg

Bacon, mushrooms and delightfully tender chicken breast pieces are tossed in together with a creamy white wine sauce to make up this sumptuous pasta dish. Guaranteed to please, no matter what the occasion.

‘Free From’ Pulled Beef and Red Wine Ragu with Spaghetti, 400g, £3.00

Free From Gluten, Wheat, Milk & Egg

An Italian-inspired masterpiece, this tasty recipe is hard to beat. A gloriously thick tomato and lentil sauce is packed full of flavour and pairs beautifully with the delicate pulled beef.

‘Free From’ Chicken Tikka Masala & Rice, 400g, £3.00

Free From Gluten, Wheat, Milk & Egg

This British favourite is guaranteed to hit the spot. Succulent chicken breast pieces are covered in a mild tikka masala sauce. Served with a delicious combination of rice and quinoa, it proves an innovative twist on a timeless classic.

‘Free From’ Green Thai Chicken Curry & Rice, 400g, £3.00

Free From Gluten, Wheat, Milk & Egg

Take your taste buds on a journey with this fragrant delight. An exotic mix of scrumptious chicken breast pieces are stirred in with a coconut and aromatic lime leaf sauce.  Paired with jasmine red rice to compliment and transport you on a culinary adventure.

‘Free From’ Sweet and Sour Crispy Chicken & Rice, 400g, £3.00

Free From Gluten, Wheat, Milk & Egg

Crispy battered chicken breast pieces are mixed with an irresistible pineapple and pepper sweet and sour sauce and served with rice. A favourite dish inspired by the local takeaway – but with all the Free From benefits.

‘Free From’ King Prawn and Singapore Noodles, 360g, £3.00

Free From Gluten, Wheat, Milk & Egg

Give your mealtime an added kick with this fiery number. A sizzling combination of king prawns, Singapore rice noodles and pak choi, mixed together with a spicy sesame and ginger sauce. It will give you just the zing you’re after. 


‘Free From’ Chicken and King Prawn Paella, 400g, £3.00

Free From Gluten, Wheat, Milk & Egg

Colourful and refreshing, this Spanish-inspired staple is a superb option for the weekday menu. A mouth-watering combination of chicken breast pieces, king prawns and smoked paprika rice with juicy tomatoes, peas and red pepper.

‘Free From’ Katsu Chicken Curry with Jasmine Rice, 400g, £3.00

Free From Gluten, Wheat, Milk & Egg

This oriental sensation will make sure you look forward to mealtimes. A wonderful crispy-coated chicken breast with a curried coconut sauce, accompanied by a subtly infused jasmine rice. This is a take on a traditional Japanese recipe which is hard to beat.

The Free From meals will be available to buy online and in Tesco stores nationwide now.