UK’s first non-alcoholic brewery launches gluten free stout for ‘mindful drinkers’

The UK’s first non-alcoholic brewery has launched a gluten-free stout to cater for the growing market of health conscious ‘mindful drinkers’.

gluten-free stout
Photo credit: East London and West Essex Guardian

Nirvana Brewery in Walthamstow was founded last year by Steve Dass to cater for the growing market of health conscious ‘mindful drinkers’, and the brewery has now announced they have created a gluten-free stout that’s also vegan-friendly.

Dass said the dark craft beer rich with aromas of chocolate and hints of vanilla will invite drinkers to “connect with their higher consciousness”

“Our research has found that consumers who choose an alcohol-free lifestyle are more likely to also lead a gluten-free and vegan diet,” he said.

“People are increasingly more aware of allergens and mindful and what they consume and put into their bodies.”

gluten-free stout

He added: “For us at Nirvana it was a no brainier to make our popular stout Kosmic gluten free and we plan to do the same with our full range. We are proud to be producing alcohol-free beers free from any artificial enhancements, which are now also gluten free.

“It seems that consumers and the industry are believing that alcohol-free beers are not just for Sober October and Dry January.”

Kosmic will go on sale alongside the rest of Nirvana’s range at Whole Foods, Antic Pubs, Borough Wines and We Brought Beer.