Vegan and vegetarian restaurant with juice bar to open in Liverpool

A new vegan and vegetarian restaurant is opening on Liverpool’s Bold Street that will offer quirky veggie and vegan cuisine, as well as a juice bar. 

Our Kitchen, the brainchild of former CBBC presenter Tara Maguire, will offer quirky veggie and vegan cuisine that will appeal to the staunchest meat-eaters as well as vegans and veggies alike.

The menu will feature an extensive holistic-inspired list of nutrient-rich juices and dairy-free nut mylks.

Tara told the ECHO: “The project began when I decided to satisfy a long-held ambition of opening the kind of restaurant that I wanted to eat out in for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

“Everybody around me in my network in Liverpool just seems so busy and many constantly ask me the same question – where can I eat in or takeaway highly nutritious food and drink, that’s maybe organic, sourced locally and produced with love?”

“Next week is the realisation of my ambition to open an inclusive restaurant that does exactly that.

Tara added: “In addition, with celebrity chef Sean Paul Redding coming from his background in feeding an A-list of celebrities in the world of film and entertainment and now leading our team, we are really excited to have him on board too!”

Where can I find it?

Our Kitchen is due to open next week on Bold Street.

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Source: Liverpool Echo