West Cornwall Pasty Co.’s free-from range is back in stores!

West Cornwall Pasty Co. were overwhelmed by the demand for their new range of free-from pasties when they launched in May, so much so they sold out a month later! But there’s good news for pasty fans as their range is now back in stores…


West Cornwall Pasty Co. currently offer a gluten and dairy-free version of their world-famous, award-winning ‘Traditional Cornish Pasty’, which is packed to the rafters with Traditional tastes of Cornwall, encased in a perfectly perfect hand crimped crust. Freshly baked and served just how we like it! They will also be offering a gluten-free vegetarian pasty, which is based on their best selling vegetarian Cheese & Onion pasty, and is hand crimped and freshly cooked to perfection!

The pasties are not currently suitable for vegans, but after receiving huge demand for consumers to add a vegan friendly pasty to their range, the company are now exploring ways to create a delicious pasty for ethical eaters.

And there’s even more good news for those with severe allergies, as their new gluten and dairy-free pasties in their ‘Every-Body’ range are only released when the lab results confirm less than 20ppm, which is the industry guidelines. The pasties are then placed in specially designed bags in the factory, transported, baked and served within the bag, ensuring they stay free from cross contamination, making them ideal for sufferers of Coeliac disease and avoiders of gluten and dairy.

“Our new range of pasties are Gluten Free and Dairy Free so Every-Body will be jumping for joy! Pre-lunch, lunch, after lunch snack, tea, dinner, supper we’ll be there for you. By Every-Body we’re talking about literally everyone! Anyone with a love of Pasties who wants to relish the freshly baked flavours of Cornwall. In our sweeping statement of Everyone we are of course including everyone that need to be extra careful around Gluten and Dairy.”

If you’d like to find your nearest stores so you can try these pockets of deliciousness for yourself, please click here for store locations. 


For more information, please visit www.westcornwallpasty.co.uk