Discover the most deliciously dairy-free Easter chocolates on the market

Given the wonderfully wide range of delicious vegan and dairy-free Easter eggs available in shops and supermarkets this year, you’ll be spoiled by all the choices if you’re following a dairy-free or vegan diet! Here’s some of our favourite treats we’ll be munching on this year! 

The Raw Chocolate Pie Company – ‘Raw Chocolate Easter Egg’


This fabulous Easter treat from Cornish chocolatiers, The Raw Chocolate Pie Company, is a classic raw chocolate egg made with a base of raw cacao nibs. It weighs a minimum of 150g and measures 12cm long by 8cm wide. The recipe is the same as their delicious Naked Pie, and is hollowed out and filled with a mix of organic cranberries and goji berries which have been dried without sugar. Have a happy, healthy Easter!

The Raw Chocolate Pie Company’s ‘Raw Chocolate Easter Egg’ is available online at RRP £9.95.

Coco Loco Dark Chocolate & Ginger Easter Egg


Coco Loco’s dark chocolate egg jewelled with nuggets of crystallised ginger will awaken your taste buds and leave you crying out for more! A dairy-free Easter egg never tasted so good!

Coco Loco’s ‘Dark Chocolate & Ginger Easter Egg’ is available to purchase at RRP £11.99. 

The Raw Chocolate Pie Company – ‘The Triplets’


The Triplets are The Raw Chocolate Pie Company’s healthy answer to the cream egg. The shell is made of smooth raw chocolate and the filling is vanilla fudge. All three eggs are the same and make a delicious combination. A delightful present too, wrapped together to make a gift pack.

The Raw Chocolate Pie Company’s ‘The Triplets’ is available online at RRP £9.85.

Cocoa Libre – ‘Rice Milk Easter Chicks’


Cocoa Libre’s 10 gorgeous, handmade little rice milk chocolate chicks are perfect for little ones at Easter, and they even come wrapped in a new gift packet! They’re made with rice milk as a creamy and delicious alternative to dairy, and are free of gluten, dairy, nuts and wheat, as well as being suitable for vegans and coeliacs. Oh, and did we mention, they look and taste fabulous!

Cocoa Libre’s ‘Rice Milk Easter Chicks’ are available online at RRP £3.99.


Moo Free – Chocolate Easter Eggs


Moo Free’s dairy free chocolate Easter eggs are simply delicious. Made from their award winning, organic and dairy free chocolate recipe these dairy free Easter eggs really do taste like delicious milk chocolate. Even better still, their Easter eggs are also gluten free, wheat free, lactose free, casein free and suitable for vegetarians and registered vegan. They also care about you and the environment so much, that all of their dairy free chocolates are made using organic and ethically sourced ingredients wrapped up in fun, environmentally friendly packaging.

Moo Free’s Chocolate Easter Eggs come in a variety of flavours including orange, honeycomb and milk chocolate. Please visit Moo Free’s website to find a stockist near you. Click here for stockists

Ombar – Coco Mylk Buttons


Everyone loves chocolate buttons, but Ombar have created these little bursts of deliciousness that love you back! Amazingly, these totally dreamy and creamy buttons are dairy and refined-sugar free. They are made to the same recipe as their super-popular Coco Mylk bar and even contain probiotics to help keep your tummy happy & healthy. At 25g per bag (and only 149 calories!) they’re the perfect chocolate treat for little kids and big kids alike!

Ombar’s ‘Coco Mylk Buttons’ are available to purchase online at RRP £1.49.

Hard-Boiled Egg – 70% Dark

Can you tell the cocoa content of your chocolate with your eyes closed? Do you always breathe in through your nose when tasting to pick out every flavour note? Hotel Chocolate have crafted this Easter egg especially for hard-boiled fans of high-cocoa. They cast the shell in their signature 70% dark chocolate, added a pinch of salt and scattered it with puffed quinoa – that’s what gives it that satisfying springy-yet-crispy texture. Finally, they paired it with six of their Gianduja Bombes – the silkiest, smoothest dark hazelnut praline, made to melt in the mouth like butter…

Hotel Chocolat’s ‘70% Dark Hard Boiled Egg’ with raisins and almonds, plus Gianduja Hazelnuts is available to purchase online at RRP £15. 

Plamil – Organic, Fairtrade Milk Chocolate Half Eggs


Plamil’s milk chocolate half eggs have all the taste of dairy milk without the dairy! A fun, Easter treat for kids of all ages, these dairy free milk chocolate half eggs are perfect for any Easter Egg hunt, sharing with a loved one or keeping all to yourself this Spring! Plamil’s chocolates are made in their own factory which never uses dairy, gluten or nuts.

Plamil’s ‘Organic, Fairtrade Milk Chocolate Half Eggs’ are available to purchase online at RRP £4.99

Booja Booja – Hazelnut Truffle Easter Eggs


This easter, show someone how much you care with this intricately decorated egg shaped trinket box, filled with deliciously decadent Booja Booja Hazelnut Crunch Truffles.Each handmade, handpainted box is created by Kashmiri artisans, and by working with Booja Booja, they have gained a sustainable income and a more stable lifestyle. The box makes this Easter gift extra special and long-lasting as it’s designed to be kept and treasured. It’s a more eco-friendly way of packaging too, with non of the wastage often associated with Easter treats.The truffles are organic, vegan, dairy free, wheat free, gluten free, made without any genetically modified ingredients, and utterly, utterly delicious.
Booja Booja’s ‘Hazelnut Truffle Easter Eggs’ are available to purchase online at RRP £24.99.

Divine Dark Chocolate Mini Eggs


The mini chocolate egg for the dark chocolate lover. A critically acclaimed, smooth, rich, dark chocolate from Divine that makes a fantastic present for kids and grown ups alike.

All Divine chocolate products are made with pure cocoa butter and real vanilla to ensure a taste that truly is Divine.

Divine’s ‘Dark Chocolate Mini Eggs’ are available to purchase online at RRP £4.50. 

Montezumas Dark Chocolate with Cocoa Nibs Eco Egg


This organic dark chocolate Easter egg with a generous helping of crunchy cocoa nibs. Montezumas Eco Egg packaging is made of just two parts: a sturdy biodegradable paper outer shell / sleeve and foil wrapping, and is the most Eco friendly Easter packaging around!

The entire Montezuma’s Easter range is made in tropical West Sussex with great care and a liberal dose of love!

Montezumas’ ‘Dark Chocolate with Cocoa Nibs Eco Egg’ is available to purchase online at RRP £7.99.