What to watch out for when going gluten-free

When shopping for food or reading through a list of menu items at a café or restaurant, you’ll want to be sure to look out for the following culprits when going gluten-free…

Going gluten-free can be a tough transition. Here’s a simple checklist of items to watch out for.  You can find out more about going gluten-free here!

Soy Sauce

going gluten-free

Energy / Protein Bars (always check the label)

going gluten-free

Noodles (may be made with wheat)


Beers (unless stated as gluten-free)

Crisps (may contain wheat starch and malt vinegar)

Malt Vinegar

Soups (may contain wheat starch)

‘Multi-Grain’ products

Stock Cubes (may contain wheat starch)

Find out more about going gluten-free.

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