A completely gluten-free takeaway has opened in Huddersfield

A Huddersfield woman has been inspired by her sister’s medical condition to open a takeaway with a difference – a completely gluten-free takeaway serving up a delicious array of dishes. 

gluten-free takeaway Huddersfield
Image credit: Huddersfield Examiner

Ruksana Khalid has opened GFQ Ltd takeaway at Chapel Hill to offer an entirely gluten-free and halal menu to hungry diners.

Ruksana was inspired to open the gluten-free eatery as her sister Zenab suffers from coeliac disease, which can leave her ill for weeks at a time if she inadvertently comes into contact with gluten.

Speaking to The Huddersfield Daily Examiner about her decision to open the eatery, Ruksana: “She is coeliac, but her condition is so severe she cannot even touch bread or walk down the supermarket bread aisle without getting poorly. If someone has had a sandwich, she can’t even shake hands or come into contact with them.”

gluten-free takeaway Huddersfield
Photo credit: GFQ Ltd

With her new venture, Ruksana hopes to be able to provide customers with “reasonably-priced” food – despite the higher cost of buying in gluten-free ingredients compared to products containing gluten. “It’s not only about making a living,” said Ruksana. “It’s about providing a service for people.”


GFQ Ltd offers customers an entirely gluten-free and halal menu to choose from, including a mouth-watering selection of pasta, curries, salads and chicken dishes, all of which are made from scratch on the premises using the freshest ingredients.

gluten-free takeaway Huddersfield

Coeliac UK accreditation

The takeaway is due to be audited by the charity Coeliac UK for gluten-free accreditation, and in time the sisters hope to franchise the business and open more sites around the country to make eating out whilst living gluten-free easier for those with coeliac disease and intolerances.