Bella Italia launches new gluten-free dishes!

There’s something for everyone on Bella Italia’s new Spring menu. The most exciting for us, though, are the multiple new gluten-free additions, from pizza to pasta!

Bella Italia launches new gluten-free menu!

UK Italian restaurant chain Bella Italia are striving to make their menu more accessible to the masses so that you can say goodbye to lumping for the side salad (we said NO CROUTONS, please!) while your friends chow down on delicious pizza and pasta.

The new gluten-free additions to their Spring menu take the total up to an impressive 70 gluten-free dishes, along with 26 vegan, 49 vegetarian and 43 dairy-free meals, too!

At least nine new Italian dishes have been added to the gluten-free menu including their Sicilian Pollo Rosso (a roast chicken and red pesto recipe featuring tasty gluten-free pasta), Risotto Capesante (a creamy gluten-free risotto with queen scallops) and Frutti di Mare pizza (king prawns, mussels, squid and queen scallops on a gluten-free base).

Their enticing new Polpette Americano is perfect if you’re both gluten-free and vegan, showcasing their brand new vegan ‘meatballs’ made with cannellini beans.

All of these dishes and more are available now. See the full gluten-free menu here. You can find your local Bella Italia here.

If you’re ever unsure about the safety of eating out call ahead to check with the restaurant or check Coeliac UK’s online guide.