How to prevent osteoporosis

Coeliac Ali Walsh looks into preventing the condition that affects those with lower bone mineral density. When I think about gluten-free, I often only think about food. What can I eat? What’s off-limits? Where can I get a decent pie? But when I first got diagnosed with coeliac disease back in the nineties, there was […]

Are you getting enough fibre?

Are you getting enough fibre? (And what to do about it if you’re not) Ali Walsh finds out… Exactly one year ago, I was wearing a hospital gown and about to undergo general anaesthetic. Why? How can I put this delicately? Let’s just say some skin in a certain area kept splitting and the doctors […]

Two Day Fibre Plan

Two Day Fibre Plan by Anna Mapson of Goodness Me Nutrition This Two Day Fibre Plan features in ‘Are you getting enough fibre?‘, “I consulted Anna Mapson of Goodness Me Nutrition for some helpful suggestions. She’s the registered nutritional therapist I went to for my gut reset so I know and trust her well. Her […]

Party etiquette when you’re gluten-free

party etiquette

Parties (sigh). If you’re not struggling to find something to wear, wondering where you’ll park or flipping a coin for who’ll be the designated driver, Ali Walsh takes her hat off to you. And that doesn’t even touch on the main problem: what on earth you’ll be able to eat. So here I’m going to […]

Busting the myths about gluten-free diets

Ali Walsh gets to the bottom of some of the myths and truths from living on a gluten-free diet… Ali Walsh explains the 15 myths about gluten-free diets and where the truth lies… Recently I went to a reflexologist who said she could rid me of my coeliac disease. Then she casually mentioned she could […]

Do’s and Don’ts of Going Gluten-Free

Ali Walsh explains how going gluten-free can be a lot simpler by following a few easy steps… If you’re new to a gluten-free diet, it can feel like there’s a lot to take in. Eating out can be frustrating. Reading the backs of food packets seems to take forever. Packaged gluten-free products may taste inferior […]

How to start a gluten-free business from home

Thinking about setting up a gluten-free business? Ali Walsh’s guide might just give you the confidence to make that leap of faith… You got your diagnosis. You took on a new lifestyle. You’ve tried living gluten-free. But… something just drives you crazy. There’s no-one that provides XYZ in the way you need it. Maybe it’s […]

Living with an invisible disease

invisible disease

Ali Walsh finds out the things you can’t see are the ones that matter the most… Have you ever played a game of, “Which would you rather?” Generally, it’s a pub-style game where you’re given two ridiculous options to choose between. “Would you rather be set upon by a tiger or swallowed whole by a […]

The 7-day gut reset

gut health

Ali Walsh finds out what it’s like to do a 7-day gut reset… A gut reset? Really? Does it sound like a new fad? Why would a coeliac say yes to a diet that requires cutting out even more food? The answer is simple: despite rigidly following a gluten-free diet, I get regular tummy pains […]

The links between coeliac disease and other conditions…

link between coeliac disease and other conditions

Ali Walsh finds the links between coeliac disease and other conditions is not as bad as you may think… You might think years of undiagnosed coeliac disease as the worst thing anyone could go through. It’s a pattern coeliacs experience time and time again: stomach cramps, chronic diarrhoea, depression and the constant fear of the […]