Party etiquette when you’re gluten-free

party etiquette

Parties (sigh). If you’re not struggling to find something to wear, wondering where you’ll park or flipping a coin for who’ll be the designated driver, Ali Walsh takes her hat off to you. And that doesn’t even touch on the main problem: what on earth you’ll be able to eat. So here I’m going to […]

The December 2019 issue is out now!

It’s time to party! The December 2019 issue of Gluten-Free Heaven celebrates all things celebrations! Welcome to the latest issue of Gluten-Free Heaven, loaded this month with 101 fantastic and seasonal gluten-free recipes. December is a special month, full of parties, events, goodwill and plenty of food & drink! So this issue we have put […]

The best gluten-free party food recipes

Gluten-free mozzarella sticks with tomato and herb dip

There’s a common misconception that gluten-free food is complicated food, which in turn leads to very few GF options at parties and events. We want to prove that free-from food can be easy peasy and that it’s perfectly possible to pull together an entirely GF menu that everyone can enjoy. Here are some quick finger […]

Top tips for throwing a free-from dinner party

Top tips for throwing a free-from dinner party

From recipe ideas to cross-contamination advice, here are Rhian Williams’ top tips for hosting the perfect knees-up… Whether you’re vegan, plant-based, lactose-intolerant or coeliac, if you’ve ever had to cook for guests, you’ll know that cooking for yourself and cooking for a whole crowd of people are not the same! If you have lots of […]