How the first gluten-free deli in Manchester began

We chat to Hayley from ‘Off The Wheaten Track’, the first gluten-free deli in Manchester Hayley Hadfield had always dreamed of opening a deli or eatery, but there never seemed to be the right opportunity – until recently. Her husband was diagnosed with coeliac disease over 13 years ago, and they found it difficult to […]

My free-from life… Abi Purrington

My free-from life... Abi Purrington

After years of tests and referrals, Abi finally found the missing jigsaw piece that enables her to control her symptoms… Since I was a teenager I have suffered with digestive problems and, after dozens of tests, the only diagnosis I have ever been given is IBS. I’ve had tests for lactose intolerance and coeliac disease, […]

My free-from life… Marianna Pentek

My free-from life... Marianna Pentek

Nomad Health founder, Marianna Pentek, explains how her coeliac diagnosis spawned a thriving and successful business… Marianna Pentek is the founder and director of award-winning artisan pasta company Nomad Health. She explains how a change in diet led her to change the way she looks at food – and how it’s made her feel better […]

My free-from life… Lisa Satur

Aspiring baker Lisa Satur turns adversity into opportunity to bring her passion to the public forum… I am 24 years old and was born with a number of medical problems that required a great deal of treatment in my first years of life. Of these, swallowing difficulties associated with severe reflux, was a significant issue. I […]

My free-from life… Molly Buszard

From a nervous fresher to a successful recipe developer, Molly has overcome adversity with an emphasis on diet… Just before I started my first year at university, I was diagnosed with seronegative rheumatoid arthritis. Even though I was 19, the joints in my hands felt that of someone three times my age. I was about […]

My free-from life… Kyra Crous

Mum Donna reveals the struggles and then the success story of her daughter’s battle with weight and intolerances… This is not my story, but rather the inspiring story of the health struggles of my daughter Kyra. Kyra was born at a healthy weight of seven pounds 15 years ago. Sadly I was unable to breastfeed, […]

My free-from life… Michaella Mazzoni

Self-diagnosis leads recipe creator and blogger Michaella Mazzoni to an improved life without refined sugar… For months I was in chronic pain that affected my feet, legs, arms and hands. Normal daily things like walking, holding my phone – which as an avid Instagrammer, you can understand that there was emotional pain too – using a […]

My free-from life… Megan Fletcher

Judo champ Megan Fletcher tells us how her diet meets her training needs… Megan Fletcher is the current British number 2 judo champion and gold medal winner at the 2014 Commonwealth Games. Despite training to take part in this summer’s Olympic Games, Megan was recently injured during training, dashing her 2016 Olympic hopes. Megan has […]