Livia’s indulgent free-from range

Livia’s indulgent free-from range

INDULGENT FREE-FROM SNACKING – THE PERFECT PICNIC TREAT Whether you’re packing your picnic basket for summer days out this National Picnic Month, thinking about what to put in the kids lunch boxes when they head back to school or popping something in your bag for an on-the-go snack on your way to work, Livia’s indulgent […]

The Pasta Man launches with fresh new product

The Pasta Man

Roberto Pittalis, otherwise known as The Pasta Man, is launching his latest venture – organic, gluten-free, and vegan, UK-sourced legume pasta, the first fresh product of its type on the market.   This new venture came about because of the coronavirus pandemic, when Roberto, who owns Café Lilli in Norton, Teesside, was forced to close […]

LoveRaw launches two brand new Peanut Butter Cups

Love Raw

LoveRaw (, the indulgent, plant-based chocolate brand on a mission to produce delicious vegan confectionery, has launched two brand-new varieties to its collection ofButter Cups with the launch of a M:lk® and White Choc Peanut Butter Cup. The White Choc Peanut Butter Cup is the world’s first White Choc Peanut Butter Cup made without palm oil. Both the M:lk® and White Choc Peanut Butter Cup are created […]

Vegan lemon cake

Vegan Lemon Cake

This simple vegan lemon cake from Cocos Organic is a perfect springtime afternoon treat. It takes just 15 minutes to prep too! Cocos Organic is an independent and family-run dairy free brand that produces delicious and functional organic coconut yoghurts and kefir…

Introducing Lazy Day!


Lazy Day is the revolutionary confectionary brand redefining the free-from space. Founders Dr Sally Beattie and Emer Bustard, both professional food scientists, grew increasingly frustrated at the lack of sweet treats that adhered to their dietary needs; they found this to be especially prominent when it came to celebrations e.g. birthdays, Easter. Using their professional experience, […]

Discover the ultimate protein shake from Dare…

Discover the ultimate vegan protein shake from Dare

Discover vegan protein shake range from Dare. Designed to help curb unhealthy eating and keep you feeling fuller and energised for longer… Achieve your health and well-being goals this January thanks to Dare’s Motivational Shake. The delicious meal replacement shake is high in protein and provides sustained energy until your next meal. Dare’s Motivational Shake is […]

Sundried tomato pizza

Sundried tomato pizza gluten free and vegan

This classic pizza from Tideford Organics is both gluten-free and vegan – making it a perfect option for a healthy January (and any other time of the year really! A perfect pizza for a healthier new Year