10 festive dairy-free advent calendars for 2018

13 festive dairy-free advent calendars for 2017

One of the best things about the festive season is that we get a chocolate treat everyday in the run-up to Christmas. And dairy-free dieters needn’t miss out as there’s plenty of dairy-free advent calendars to get you in the festive spirit this year!  1. Holland & Barrett Dairy Free Vegan Chocolate Advent Calendar  The […]

Festive mulled cider

Festive mulled cider

There’s nothing nicer than clutching a warm glass of festive mulled cider in your hands in this cold weather. Warming, comforting and perfectly spice, this drink is guaranteed to get you in the Christmas spirit!  Festive mulled cider GF DF EF V MF Ingredients 4 pints Westons Wyld Wood Organic Cider ¼ cup of brown sugar […]

Chocolate, aubergine & cranberry cakes

This gluten-free cake has a festive air and could be served at Christmas or another wintry celebration. Few people will guess it contains aubergine which adds moisture and a silky smooth texture. Chocolate, aubergine and cranberry cakes Recipe credit: Cooking for the Sensitive Gut, Dr Joan Ransley and Dr Nick Read for www.loveyourgut.com Makes: 1 cake (15 […]

Vegan chocolate cherry trifle

Vegan chocolate cherry trifle

This rich, decadent dairy-free pudding is perfect for getting you in the festive spirit!  Vegan chocolate cherry trifle By Rhian Williams (www.rhiansrecipes.com)     Serves 8 | Prep 30 mins plus chilling | Cook 10-15 mins | Calories 320 (per serving) GF DF EF V MF Ingredients For the jelly: 400g (14oz) tinned cherries in syrup […]

Healthy vegan mince pies

vegan mince pies

Sweet and wonderfully spiced, you’ll find it impossible to resist these healthy vegan mince pies! Warm them up just a little and enjoy with a nice glass of mulled wine! Healthy vegan mince pies By Mira Manek (www.miramanek.com) Makes: 8 large mince pies GF (option) DF EF V MF Ingredients For the pastry: 100g coconut oil […]

Gluten Free Edible Gift Guide

Everyone loves receiving gifts at Christmas, especially edible gifts! But it’s even nicer to receive a homemade gift from a loved one because you can be sure that a whole lot of time, love and effort when into making you the perfect gift. Take a look at our edible gluten free gift guide to find […]

Paleo and Vegan Christmas Pudding

Pegan (Paleo-Vegan) Christmas Pudding

Packed with lovely, wholesome and nutritious ingredients, like chocolate covered raisins, this rich and chocolatey paleo-vegan Christmas pudding is so good you won’t want to go back to making the traditional version!  Pegan (Paleo-Vegan) Christmas Pudding By Donna Crous (www.eighty20nutrition.com) Prep 30 mins | Cook 3 hours GF DF EF V MF Ingredients 1/2 cup goji berries […]

Vegan mince pies

Perfectly flakey vodka pastry, filled with spiced fruit mince – you’ll not find a more delicious vegan mince pie recipe anywhere!  Mince pies By Alexander Willow-Harvey (www.invegetableswetrust.com) DF EF V MF Ingredients Filling: 265g (1 1/2 cups) good mixed dried fruit, roughly chopped Zest of 1 unwaxed organic orange 60ml (1/4 cup) brandy 1 tsp lemon […]