Turkish Tofu & Spinach Börek

Here’s a delicious vegan version of this Turkish treat with lots of healthy spinach….     By Natalie of The Tofu Diaries Typically made with cheese and spinach between layers of buttery filo pastry, börek is surprisingly easy to veganise. I have used shop-bought filo pastry for this recipe because, well, who has time to […]

Antalyan White Bean Salad

This salad recipe perfectly accompanies Tofu & Spinach Börek and is deliciously and naturally gluten-free and dairy-free…. By Natalie of The Tofu Diaries If I had to name my favourite cuisine, well I’m not sure I could. But I can tell you that Turkish food would have to be up there somewhere: fresh bread, hummous, stuffed […]

Dates & Pumpkin Seed Granola

A wonderfully simple and healthy recipe to add to your breakfast repertoire. Use gluten-free oats to make this granola gluten-free.   By Mira Manek. When I go for breakfast in hotels and restaurants, my tastebuds more often than not require something sweet. Since I don’t keep granola at home – for the sole reason that […]

Cauliflower Fritters and Herby Dip

Here’s a delicious savoury side or starter to add to your healthy vegan dinner party menu. These Cauliflower Fritters can even be made gluten-free by replacing the flours with gluten-free alternatives…why not give it a try?     By Emily of Emily Cooks Vegan. I wanted to try to replicate one of my favourite take […]

Chickpea Tagine – Moroccan Style

Here’s an amazingly delicious recipe for a chickpea tagine that’s naturally gluten, dairy and sugar-free – what more can you ask for?! By Dhanistha of The Vegetarian Blog. This past week I’ve been so in love with my new kitchen toy! And that is my badass tagine clay pot. Tagine is a really sweet traditional north African clay […]

Raw Vegan Mylk Chocolate Bars

These free-from chocolate bars look absolutely incredible! Give them a go for a sweet vegan chocolate treat…   By Emily of This Rawsome Vegan Life.  HOLY CRAP YUMMMMM. So these actually taste like the candy bars I used to greedily inhale when I was a kid. Sweet, creamy decadence in the shape we have come to […]

Aubergine Bruschetta

Have a go at this lovely vegetarian and gluten-free treat using aubergine instead of bread, perfect for a summer’s evening or as a side at your gluten-free dinner parties… By Dhanistha of The Vegetarian Blog. My boyfriend’s mother, Sanatani, LOVES eggplant (aubergine) with a passion (but it’s got to be well cooked)! I’ve known her since my childhood, […]

Spiced Spinach & Red Onion Quinoa Medallions

(with Oriental Slaw & Baked Sweet Potato Chips) Here’s a deliciously vegan dish perfect for the summer and outdoor parties (when the weather behaves) using spinach and quinoa and served with sweet potato chips…       By Natalie of The Tofu Diaries If you’re a regular reader, you might have picked up on my […]

Vegan Portobello Mushroom Cashew Cheese Burgers

Delicious marinated mushrooms with cashew cheese – this burger recipe ticks all the boxes for a vegan barbecue food this summer!   By Emily of This Rawsome Vegan Life.  If you think these look good, they taste even better than they look. If you think they look weird, they still taste better than they look… (in […]

Vegan Arepas Stuffed with Reina Pepiada

We’re going a bit South American with this Venezuelan treat. This is a traditional breakfast food in both Venezuela and Colombia but with a vegan twist.   By Dhanistha of The Vegetarian Blog. Arepas are a common breakfast and brunch from South America in both Venezuela and Colombia. Which country originally created it? ….who knows…(although I bet my […]