Banana Bars

banana bars

These banana bars are the perfect breakfast or snack – full of nutrients to keep you going throughout the day! These breakfast banana bars from James Wythe only need 4 ingredients and 30 minutes to make! More gluten-free breakfast ideas Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for all the latest recipes, news and features from Gluten-Free Heaven.

Spinach and Buckwheat Pancakes 

Gluten-Free Spinach & Buckwheat Pancakes 

Despite its name, buckwheat is not a member of the wheat family and is gluten free. It is a good source of dietary fibre, complex carbohydrates and a range of polyphenols all of which can have a beneficial effect on the gut microflora. Spinach is a rich source of polyphenols and dietary fibre, and also […]

Easy gluten and dairy-free pancakes

Easy gluten and dairy-free pancakes

Sometimes you just can’t beat a great big stack of pancakes, especially with lashings of maple syrup and fresh fruit. And there’s no need to miss out on this breakfast treat with this easy gluten and dairy-free pancake recipe!  Easy gluten and dairy-free pancakes By Vicki Montagu (     Makes 6 (crêpe style), around […]

Caramelised onion & California prune frittata

The unusual mix of sweet and savoury flavours works perfectly in this gluten-free caramelised onion frittata with California prunes. This is a great recipe for lunch or even breakfast!  Caramelised onion & California prune frittata  Recipe by Rosemary Shrager with California Prunes. Serves: 2 | Preparation time: 10 minutes | Cooking time: 15 minutes GF SF DF V […]

Golden pancakes

A light and delicious pancake made purely of egg. No wheat or flour is necessary to make these tasty crêpes!   Golden pancakes By Donna Crous ( GF SF DF V MF Ingredients 6 free range/organic eggs 1 Tbsp vanilla extract 1/2 tsp turmeric (or more if you like the flavour) A small amount of […]

Breakfast meatloaf

This hearty gluten-free breakfast meatloaf will have you bouncing out of bed in the morning to get a slice of the action!  Breakfast meatloaf By Jo Romero ( Serves 8 | Prep 20 mins | Cook 1 hr | Calories 444 (per serving) GF SF DF Ingredients 1 medium onion, peeled, finely chopped 1 tsp […]

Clean eating oat bread

Clean eating oat bread.

You’ll be jumping out of bed in the morning for a slice of this clean eating oat bread!  Clean eating oat bread By Hedi Pavelcova ( Serves 8 | Prep 15 mins | Cook 1 hr | Calories 231 (per serving) GF SF DF EF V MF Ingredients  300g (10½oz) gluten-free oats, plus extra for […]

Parsnip and Rosemary Loaf

Parsnips lend themselves very well to this delicious grain-free parsnip and rosemary loaf, as they add the perfect amount of sweetness, not to mention the myriad of health benefits they bring to the table too! Parsnip and Rosemary Loaf By Angela Warren ( Serves 6-8 | Prep 20 mins | Cook 45 mins | Calories 186 (per […]

Ouefs En Cocotte

ouefs en cocotte

So simple and so tasty, this Ouefs En Cocotte is a lovely light supper dish that you can get creative with. This is eggs and soldiers with a makeover! Ouefs En Cocotte Serves 6 | Preparation time 15 mins | Baking time 15 mins GF SF MF Ingredients Butter for greasing 6 organic eggs 1 ½ tbsp […]

Spelt and Vanilla Blueberry Pancakes with Agave Syrup

Spelt and Vanilla Blueberry Pancakes with Agave Syrup

These pancakes are fluffy light and packed full of zingy flavour and superfood goodness with the Chilean Blueberries. To make them even healthier, they are made with spelt flour, which is easier to digest than wheat flour and are sweetened with a touch of lower GI agave syrup. Spelt and Vanilla Blueberry Pancakes with Agave Syrup By Sophie Mitchell ( SF […]