Red Velvet Smoothie

Red Velvet smoothie recipe from Vega Kick start the morning with a healthy treat! You can’t get much better than a smoothie that tastes like cake! Just a grab a few bits and blend until smooth for a Red Velvet smoothie. Buy Vega Essentials Chocolate powder from Amazon Buy Vega Essentials Chocolate powder from Planet […]

Cranberry gin

Cranberry gin

Cranberry gin recipe from Berry World This cranberry gin is vegan and gluten-free and could make a wonderful gift! The gin will be more or less sweet as the natural sweetness of the berries varies. It’s a good idea to add half of the sugar syrup and try – add more to suit the berries […]

Baileys Almande cocktail recipes

These delicious Baileys Almande cocktail recipes are made to impress We have three amazing cocktail recipes – all gluten-free and vegan – to delight your tastebuds! Read all about how to put on a stunning alfresco party here, and serve up these beauties to really impress your guests. Baileys Almande Passionfruit & Chilli martini cocktail […]

Festive mulled cider

Festive mulled cider

There’s nothing nicer than clutching a warm glass of festive mulled cider in your hands in this cold weather. Warming, comforting and perfectly spice, this drink is guaranteed to get you in the Christmas spirit!  Festive mulled cider GF DF EF V MF Ingredients 4 pints Westons Wyld Wood Organic Cider ¼ cup of brown sugar […]

17 dairy-free delights to eat whilst watching Wimbledon

It’s estimated that roughly 27,000 kilos of strawberries are eaten each year during the Wimbledon Championships, together with a whopping 7,000 litres of cream! And if you’re following a dairy-free diet, there’s no reason why you should miss out on the strawberries ‘n’ cream fun, so here’s 17 super strawberry recipes you can munch on during […]

Cashew nut milk

Making your own cashew nut milk could honestly not be any easier. It may take a little bit of time, but at least you know exactly what has gone into it – just nuts and water no nasties or additives. Using these simple ingredients of nuts, filtered water and time you will end up with a […]

Mandarin mulled wine

Mandarin mulled wine

You cannot beat a hot mug of mulled wine at this time of year, and this wonderfully spiced mandarin mulled wine is so good you’ll want to drink it all year round! Mandarin mulled wine By Georgina Young (     Serves: 5 GF DF EF V MF Ingredients For the mulled wine: 75-100g coconut […]

Dairy-free ‘egg’ nog

Dairy-free 'egg' nog

Christmas just isn’t Christmas without a nice glass of egg nog, and luckily this one is dairy-free, and full of rum!  Dairy-free ‘egg’ nog By Yutaka GF DF EF V MF Ingredients 1 pkt (349g) Yutaka Japanese-style silken tofu 385ml (13 fl oz) soy milk 1 tbs vanilla extract 28g (1 oz) sugar 2 tbs soft […]

Oat Milk Hot Chocolate

There’s few things in life that are nicer than coming home from a walk in the winter, kicking off your wellies, and snuggling up on the sofa in your duvet with a great big mug of hot chocolate. It’s even nicer when that comforting hot chocolate is packed full of healthy ingredients that are so […]