A gluten-free holiday down under: Exploring Australia’s gluten-free market

Ali Walsh turns the sink hole anti-clockwise and finds that Australia has gluten-free covered… It’s not often I take a holiday. Either time or money seems to get in the way (i.e. lack of) and I wonder what happened to the traveller in me. Somehow the years roll by and I realise all I’ve managed […]

Gluten-Free Baking Live on Saturday 28th November!

Need some baking inspiration for the festive season? Look no further! Gluten-Free Heaven’s regular feature writer Ali Walsh will be coming to you live via the virtual FreeFrom Food Festival with two delectable recipes for you to try… First up is gluten-free flat bread. Manufactured by My Gluten-Free Bakery, Ali will show you how easy […]

The Great Gluten-Free Christmas Getaway

Ali Walsh discovers a few hidden gems to take the stress out of Christmas… What’s your perfect Christmas? Is it where you don’t have to do anything, can laze about in bed as long as you like, magically find you’re showered and dressed by noon and then fairies bring delicious food with a glass of […]

Do’s and Don’ts of Going Gluten-Free

Ali Walsh explains how going gluten-free can be a lot simpler by following a few easy steps… If you’re new to a gluten-free diet, it can feel like there’s a lot to take in. Eating out can be frustrating. Reading the backs of food packets seems to take forever. Packaged gluten-free products may taste inferior […]

How to start a gluten-free business from home

Thinking about setting up a gluten-free business? Ali Walsh’s guide might just give you the confidence to make that leap of faith… You got your diagnosis. You took on a new lifestyle. You’ve tried living gluten-free. But… something just drives you crazy. There’s no-one that provides XYZ in the way you need it. Maybe it’s […]